Adopt a School Program


Since its creation in 1993, the Adopt-A-School program has grown from 10 schools to 56 communities, 106 schools, and over 3,000 teachers and students. We are very proud of our long term commitment and April 2013 marks our 20th year. Volunteers and staff celebrated our anniversary during this year's deliveries. The program supports a variety ofschools, from one-room schoolhouses to combined kindergarten, primary, and high schools.​

Adopt a School Program

Although education is important in Peru, the government is unable to supply the rural schools with educational materials. These communities rarely have textbooks, reading materials, maps, charts, or reference materials for teachers and students. Education is free, but students are required to purchase their own notebooks, rulers, pens, and pencils, which is an almost impossible financial burden for mosbienvenidost rural families.

The Adopt-A-School Program encourages intercultural awareness and exchanges of friendship and goodwill among Peruvians and people from around the world.

Program supporters are encouraged to send posters about themselves and their customs, along with photos to the Peruvians they are assisting. In return, supporters will receive photos and letters from Peru, providing a personal view into the rich and diverse culture of these rural communities and their children.